Legendary racers bike being restored

Mitch Tramm has uncovered a hidden treasure. The actual 1979 race bike of Powerlite Factory Pro , Mike Rice!  Mike hailed (may still) from Washington which had one of the early biggest and fastest Pro scenes. Only California and probably Texas, Florida and New Jersey had as many pros in 1979.  Mitch has begun restoring Mike Rice’s bike. The bike and Mike were captured in a 2 page color photo spread by “Bicycle Motocross Action” (all pictures used courtesy Bob Osborn and can not be used or reproduced without his expressed written permission).

Obviously at the 79 ABA Tacoma, Washington National Mike made a name for himself. He also must have gotten the hook up from Bob Haro as you can see he is running his ABA issued Pro Plate in the photo. But in the restoration his 79 Haro plate also survived all these years. Note the ultra rare Powerlite stem. This build is a special one for sure.


1 Response to “Legendary racers bike being restored”

  1. 1 mark rink
    August 25, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    hey racer thanks for posting the Mark4 number plates ad !! i have been looking for some old pics. The Mark4 was a product me and my dad came up with together when i was in high school. I spent many a night putting the stickers and velcro on those plates, it also paid for my first new car lol. Heres a little known fact, Stevie skibel and myself,both our first cars was a 1970 camaro, i bought it when i was 15 and sold traded it to stevies dad for a 67 el camino a year later ! wish i still had either of those cars !! thanks mark rink markrink2001@yahoo.com

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